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Baseball League Stats and Baseball Tournament Stats

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How does Base-StatTM work?

Base-StatTM is a baseball stats web tool that stores all of your stats in a database so that you never need to download any software.

How do I use Base-StatTM?

Just register for the free baseball coaching stats and you can begin to add your baseball team roster right away.

Can I use Base-StatTM to track my amateur baseball team stats?

Yes, Base-StatTM makes tracking your baseball team stats easy because all the formulas and calculations are already built in.

Can I use Base-StatTM to track baseball player stats?

Yes, Base-StatTM tracks both the baseball player statistics for each player on your baseball team as well as automatically keeping the baseball team stats totals.

Can I use Base-StatTM to track baseball pitcher stats?

Yes, in addition to tracking the batting and baseball team stats, Base-Stat also tracks all your baseball pitcher statistics.

Here's what Howie Bagwell has to say about Base-StatTM:   "I really enjoyed your program. It helped me so much with keeping up the stats with my son's recreation team as well as his junior varsity team at his high school."

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